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Atty. Dr. Edward A. Robinson III

Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III



As a law practice based upon God’s word, Atty. Dr. Edward A Robinson III has been throughout his practice of Personal Injury Law committed to Proverbs 3:3 which admonishes us to “Acknowledge the Lord in all your ways and he will direct your path.”

With humility and steadfast commitment to protecting the rights of the injured victims of brain damage accidents, spinal injuries from 18 wheeler and car accidents through airplane disasters, through major chemical plant explosions such as the 1986 Exxon Chemical explosion and the Bogalusa Chemical Explosion of 1995 wherein he was appointed by the Court to serve as a member of the Plaintiff’s Litigation Committee which litigated this case to a multi million dollar settlement with the numerous medical malpractice settlements which has resulted in millions of of dollars having been recovered from major brain injuries and multiple wrongful death cases from physician malpractice cases in the State of Louisiana up to the present which in the State of Louisiana up to the present which finds Atty. Dr. Edward A. Robinson III tenaciously pursuing defective knee and hip implant cases to serious automobile negligent injury cases, Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III continues his pursuit of justice and just compensation for his many clients throughout the state who have been wrongfully injured by negligent tortfeasors.

Throughout his 39 years of practice Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III has litigated cases on to victory against many of the largest insurance carriers in the country and in the world.

Armed with his unswerving faith in God and with his meticulous case preparation and his unmatched procurement of the nation’s finest experts to prove the factual allegations and salient facts of his illustrious tort cases over the years. Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III and his office has been blessed with a long record of success after success which he gratefully gives thanks to God for and gives thanks to the many satisfied clients who themselves have become ambassadors of goodwill through their referrals and through their gracious testimonials.

Through his years of practice up to the present Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III’s work and service to others has received Dr. Robinson some of the highest honors and awards of any attorney in the states history. From being selected by the Louisiana Jaycee’s in 1978 as one of Louisiana’s Three Most Outstanding Young Men for 1978 with then Secretary of State Paul Hardy and Bossier Parish District Attorney Henry Brown, Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III went on to be selected by the United States Jaycees in that same year as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Young Men by a panel of distinguished Jaycees that included Former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Musk. Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III’s selection made one of only three Louisianans at that time to receive this tremendous award which included tennis great Hamilton Richards, and Former New Orleans Mayor Chip Morrison.

Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson became the first attorney in Louisiana’s history to be Honored by a Louisiana Governor declaring and proclaiming his day in the state in January of 1978 by then Governor Edwin W. Edwards.

After serving as Chief Administrator of the Louisiana Department of Justice from 1975-1979  Atty. Dr. Robinson interesting enough , because the first attorney in Louisiana’s history to be licensed by the La. Supreme Court with the title of “Doctor” on his license which opened the door for duly licensed attorneys in Louisiana to be so designated on their official license.

The International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England Named Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III as a member of  Who’s Who’ Among Intellectuals In the World in 1981.

For his contributions, service and achievements in law, Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III  was awarded an Honorary Dr. of Laws degree by World University of Benson, Arizona in 1981. As a graduate of the University of New York’s Graduate School of Criminal Justice. Attorney Dr. Edward A. Robinson III received his Master’s in Criminal Justice in 1971 and went on to serve as Director of the Louisiana Department of Education’s Drug Education Department from 1971-1972 under then Superintendent Bill Dodd.

After serving the state as its Drug Education Director Atty. Dr. Edward A. Robinson III went on to attend Rutgers University Law School in Camden, New Jersey where he graduated in 1975 with the second highest number of Honors in his class which, included the Bureau of National Affairs Honor as the most prolific academic achievement by a Senior and the Martin Luther King Jr. Most Outstanding Student of the Year Award and the Rutgers University Professor/Instructor of the Year Award for having taught undergraduate school simultaneously while attending law school and having taught more students in 1 year than any professors in Rutgers University history.

Dr. Robinson has received and was designated as the University of New York at Albany’s “Distinguished Alumni” in 1978 and was named to Grambling State University Hall of Fame for his achievements and contributions in Law and service to the state in 1987.

Dr. Robinson is grateful and truly thankful for the many awards he has personally received but remains most thankful for God’s grace and having been blessed with many clients over the years from all races and all stations in life and with great legal mentors as Former Federal Judge Lawrence Pierce of New York, Former Federal Judge Frank Polozola of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Former U.S. Attorney Stan Bardwell of Baton Rouge and Bishop John W. White former General Board Member of the Church of God In Christ and First Administrative Assistant to the Bishop of La. Jurisdiction No.1 of the Church of God and Christ, Superintendent Dr. Samuel Richardson of Amite, Louisiana and Former University of New York School of Criminal Justice at Albany Dean Richard A. Myren and Former New York Appellate Judge Howard Levine who served as co-chairman of Crime Control Planning in  1971, Dr. Willie Floyd Hawkins for Administrator of the Louisiana Charity Hospital of New Orleans and Former Administrator of the Earl K. Long Hospital of Baton Rouge, one Dr. Robinson’s dearest friends and most outstanding public servants in Louisiana history.